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While social media might seem like an inexpensive and easy way to promote your business, it’s not always that simple! So much more thought and strategy actually go into it. You must also be prepared for the time it takes to actually invest in social media. When done right, social media has the potential to boost your business big time.

So how do you tackle social media? Below are a few social media mistakes that you should first avoid. Mistakes have the ability to cost you important reach and engagement!

1. Not having a strategy

Casual posting will not achieve much. You need to know why you’re posting something and what broader business goals it will achieve. A strategy will ensure that all your efforts are more productive and fruitful. Not having a social media strategy is what will lead you to make numerous other mistakes. Let’s not forget the fact that not having a strategy gives your competitors the advantage!

2. Not engaging in conversations

Many make the mistake of focusing solely on their own content that they forget to respond to comments and messages. You can gain new customers as well as retain old ones just from engaging in a simple conversation. Ignoring people will not only be a missed opportunity, but will also give many the wrong impression.

3. Focusing on quantity over quality

There is a thing called posting too much. When you limit your posts instead, it forces you to post your very best. You don’t have to post for the sake of posting. Instead, you only have to churn out content that you’re happy with and you know will resonate with your following. The time spent on ideating and creating posts can be spent on focussing on your business. Remember - reducing quantity will improve quality.

4. Posting the same content on all platforms

Just like each user, each platform is unique. Making the same content for the same platforms will not work. You need to tailor the content to the platform. Instagram is more visual-based with reels and stories, while LinkedIn is more professional. Posting the same thing in both places won’t work.

5. Not targeting specific audiences

Each user is looking for different content, and you can’t cater to them all. You need to narrow down your audience and find groups that you can target. If not, you’ll just have people who will find your content irrelevant and unrelatable. Not targeting certain groups will lessen your reach significantly. You need to know exactly what they’re expecting and deliver that.

There are several other mistakes that include not having call to actions in your communication, not using enough/any videos, and having those videos be in only landscape when portrait is preferred. As a business you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of re-sharing content and not just posting your own. Boost the right posts whenever you can, make sure you’re using relevant hashtags and don’t waste your money buying too many followers.

No one’s perfect though - many brands are guilty of making these mistakes and many more. The important part is learning from them!

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